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Our Procedure

Natural Pet Dental’s 10 step Non-Anesthesia Dental Procedure:

We do non-anesthesia , cosmetic dental cleanings that prevent the progression of tartar buildup that leads to disease . In this way you can avoid the high expense of anesthetic dental cleanings on mild tartar buildup or avoid the risks of anesthesia. We are providing cosmetic dental cleanings , but under the guidance of a veterinarian (via Telemedicine in WA, and physically in CA). Our dental cleanings are mostly cosmetic in that we only clean tartar visible to us. We do not do standard “veterinary dental anesthetic work” in that we do not take Xrays or remove any teeth. We are more medical than just cosmetic, in that we inspect every tooth for any deep gingival pockets, recession, loosening, inflammation, stomatitis, or infection and document it to report to you on a dental sheet. We have a dental form where we document every detail of your pet’s teeth. We are more than cosmetic, in that we do have a vet to view your dog’s dental and advise you of dental disease that is beyond our ability to address without anesthesia. In WA it is by telemedicine and in CA the vet is present physically. Severe infection cases will have recommended antibiotics and referral to a regular vet for anesthetic Xrays and extractions. We do not claim to do “veterinary dental work or vet dental care” in that we do not anesthetize your pet, we do not take Xrays, we do not do extractions, all exclusive to veterinary procedures under anesthesia.

WASHINGTON: We do non-anesthesia dental cleanings with remote telemedicine supervision by a veterinarian to assess the severity of the dental disease. We have two very experienced employees in WA that have been doing this for over 8 years. They are Gale and Bianca. They specialize in the restraint of animals and the cleaning of their teeth , all at the risk of getting bit. They are trained by a veterinarian and are adept at cleaning teeth. They are compassionate and gentle and very well trained, but they are not licensed techs. One is a vet assistant and the other a nurse. They are under the guidance of a veterinarian via remote video or “telemedicine”. They are well versed in the inspection of teeth infection and pathology and allow me, the vet to view them to make a conclusion. If the teeth are a grade 3 or 4 in dental disease, we will advise a routine anesthetic cleaning with Xrays done by your regular vet. If you still choose to do a cleaning against medical advise, we will have you sign a waiver. We do clean with the same scaler used in a vet clinic, and we polish the teeth afterwards. We understand that some pets are at a higher risk under anesthesia, like heart disease patients, seizure patients, hyperthyroid cats. Maybe you already lost your loved pet due to dangerous and poorly done anesthesia. Many pets just need maintenance cleaning to prevent the build up of tartar. Many people just can’t afford a $700-1500 dental! We are a safe alternative that in no way risks your dog’s health.

If your pet has underlying and pre-existing dental disease that we cannot see with the naked eye, we are not liable or responsible for that progression. Only Xrays can view the teeth under the gums. We do not do Xrays or extractions.

CALIFORNIA: We currently have Dr. Amador on site at every cleaning and a vet tech assisting. With Dr. Amador present, we can provide mild and safe sedation if requested. However, no xrays are done and no teeth are extracted.

Dr. Amador is a strong advocate for non-anesthetic dentals (NADs) having oversight by a vet either directly or indirectly via Telemedicine. There is a legitimate need for NADs, but few vets will admit it. Many pets are a higher anesthetic risk: They are too old, have heart disease, have seizures, have hyperthyroidism. Many pets have minor tartar that doesn’t warrant a full anesthetic dental. Many owners cannot afford a $700-1500 dental cleaning. Many owners remember and fear the loss of another pet dying from unsafe anesthesia.  Non-anesthetic dentals are done with your pet gently restrained in a towel, with kindness and empathy to get the pet to sit still. In no way are they in any risk and at most, we will annoy them for 20-30 minutes. We talk to them kindly during the whole process. If a pet is fractious or nervous, we can give a mild sedative (CA only. Not in WA), with approval. At most, a pet will be annoyed with us and walk away happy and wagging their tail. (Cat’s mostly annoyed). This is a great alternative to the trauma of the near-death experience they must feel after being placed under general anesthesia! With my supervision and well trained staff, we can clean your pet’s teeth without the risk of anesthesia, preventing progression of the tartar that can lead to disease. By doing a maintenance program of cleaning every 3-6 months, you can avoid ever needing a full anesthetic dental. We are very honest and transparent and will advise you of dental disease that is beyond a simple cleaning and requiring a visit to your regular vet for extractions.

Dr. Sonia Amador, DVM