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Does My Dog Have The Flu? – Natural Pet Dental

Can dogs get the flu?

Yes they can and they can die from it. In 2004 several racing greyhounds died and no one knew why until researchers discovered they had the flu.

Although most dogs will recover with proper care some may not such as elderly dogs. Like elderly people elderly dogs can become victims of the flu.

There is evidence that dogs can catch the flu from humans however, no evidence that you can catch the flu from them.

PastedGraphic-1Signs to look for:

1. Fever
2. Persistent cough
3. Runny nose
4. Feeling bad – no energy

Treatment for the dog flu is very similar to that for people, lots of rest and fluids. Talk to your vet regarding more treatments.

I write this article with a heavy heart. Our loving Pit Bull Terrier, Trinity died this last winter from the flu, she was 13 and elderly by dog years.

She was with us since she was a baby, we will always love you Trinity and we miss you badly.


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