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Pet Teeth Cleaning Anesthesia Free – Natural Pet Dental

Did you know that people have essentially the same bacteria in their mouths as cats and dogs? And that their teeth or the enamel is the same too.

So why not have them cleaned as you would your own without anesthesia. Furthermore gingivitis is the first sign of periodontitis and gingivitis can be reversed with regular teeth cleaning.

As marginal gingivitis occurs, the edge of the free gingival margin begins to swell it loses its ability to cling to the tooth surface. As a result of the attack on the gingiva (gums) without periodic removal of plaque and calculus, bacterial colonies are established underneath the marginal gingiva. Gingivitis at this state is totally reversible. According to M Lynne Kesel DVM

Having your pet’s teeth cleaned as determined by our LVT’s can keep your pet’s teeth healthy without having to put your pet under anesthesia.


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